Monday, October 8, 2007

Watching Any Birds Lately?

Have you been watching any birds lately?

I can't help but notice. One of my bird feeders hangs just outside the window where if I look to my right I can watch them easily.

Usually the first hint of a bird at the bird feeder is the noise. I hear the twitter of a finch or soft tweet of a chickadee.

I recently bought a new camera - a Kodak EasyShare Z712. Have been taking many pictures with it (or trying to). It has a nice 12x optical zoom that allows you to zoom up close without undue disturbing of the birds.

Here's a picture of a chickadee at my bird feeder:

I also managed to catch a nuthatch and a chickadee bathing at the birdbath:

Yes, the camera takes really nice pictures!

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thepowerguides said...

I sometimes think having birds to look at from a window is one of the true joys of life we have and bird feeders provide the little enticement they need to come within our view

Steve From
The Power Bird Watchers Guide